1. Anonymous said: Hi Remmy. This is really late. Sorry. Basically, I've been reading and loving Tentative Bliss since the early chapters, and frankly, I'm disgusted with the way people are treating you for how you write it. I'm really sorry you're so unhappy with the fandom, and I don't blame you if you want a break. But, yes, support. So much love and support. ((rise, rise like a phoenix from the ashes of these idiots))


    "rise, rise like a phoenix from the ashes of these idiots"

    I want… to put that on my blog. Somewhere. I will do it. One day when I want to deal with Java/CSS codes.

    But, in all honesty, thank you. <3

    Remmy, I don’t know if you even remember me and I haven’t really been keeping up with all the drama as I’m only in the FF fandom but I’ve been seeing your posts about all the fandom drama (with whatever fandom), and I’d like to offer you my support and warm-wishes as well. 

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been discouraged of participating in fandoms because of the shitty people in it. 

    You have nothing short of my utmost respect for dealing with the shitty people within “X” fandom. We’ve all been there and I’ve even become inactive / semi-active in certain fandoms because most of the people in it are, pardon my french, immature asswipes. 

    So I’ve become my own separate entity. I post on occasion in the tags but have unfollowed many people in many different fandoms because, well… frankly, they were shitty and toxic. Having unfollowed them and separated myself from the fandoms, I’m now able to enjoy the things I enjoy and post in their respective tags without feeling any pressure or negativity. 

    *solidarity hug*

  2. Favourite Video Game Characters [1/?]

                 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core — Genesis Rhapsodos.

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    (one of my old screenshots I took while playing Dissidia)
    The face of a sadist…


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  4. It’s been awhile, Cloud.

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  6. in the end, war makes strangers of us all.

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    Shall I give you this…orgasmic face?

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